Courageous, Confident, Disciplined, Focused, Happy…

Connecting your values to your child’s activities

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We get it – you’re a modern family and you have LOT going on. You love your kids and are proud of their accomplishments, especially your kids, but sometimes you have a nagging feeling that it’s not supposed to be this hard. You look at your schedule and wonder, “where’s the family time?” You ask yourself, “am I teaching my children what’s really important in life?”

You’re not alone!

Many of today’s families share the same challenge. Here in Dayton, many families have found the solution: Meng’s Martial Arts and our Shaolin Wing Chun curriculum. We are teaching an ancient wisdom that may be more relevant today that it has ever been.

In just one activity, twice a week with a flexible schedule, families just like yours get to connect and share this adventure we call life in a powerful way.

We live in a time of increasing knowledge and intelligence, but not increasing wisdom. Stress, depression, and suicide are all on the rise – even in school age children!

But there is a solution – an ancient wisdom that teaches your child to turn conflict into harmony.

The ancient Shaolin martial artists discovered that the person is more important than the process – a person’s values, attitudes, beliefs and skills are much more important that the situation around them.

A timeless solution to conflict and challenge

Wisdom that has stood the test of time, giving you a complete approach to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Development.

If you’re looking for a well-integrated training system (they do more than just technique) I would recommend Meng’s Martial Arts. The family atmosphere, clean and peaceful vibe at the school, and the emphasis on personal responsibility is great.

The value that we have received for our investment cannot be beat. And we know it will continue to pay dividends throughout her life.

Pastor Palmer Jason and Dr. Lisa Jason,
parents of Black Belt Esmaude “Ezzy” Jason