Positive Attitudes, Self Confidence, Concentration and Focus, Respect, Coordination, Bully Proofing, Improved Academic Performance, and Family Togetherness. We are an educational organization that teaches the true purpose of martial arts: to build leadership skills, unshakable character, interpersonal communication skills, and develop the knowledge and skills to refuse those who would do harm to us or our loved ones.

While many martial art schools and karate schools focus primarily on the violence of fighting (kicking is better than punching, punching is better than wrestling, wrestling is better than kicking) – we are focused on developing the total person: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, helping kids and families throughout the Miami Valley, including Dayton, Centerville, Springboro, Oakwood, Kettering, Beavercreek, Bellbrook and Franklin to play the game of life at a higher level academically and at home.

Today’s children face many challenges – decreasing options for extra-curricular activities at school (including less gym time and less recess), increased pressure to perform and meet higher and higher standards in testing, and even increased competition for the best schools and careers. This often forces families to pick educational priorities over social activities or physical fitness. However, at Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate of Centerville, we’ve discovered the secret to increasing fitness, mental health, and emotional well-being, while also showing families how to spend more quality time with each other and network with other like-minded families.

Recent studies have shown that kids who get regular physical exercise perform better in school, have more confidence, and have better attitudes than others – plus they stay at a healthy body weight for their age, which helps with self-esteem, improves body image, and even assists in resisting negative peer pressure and bullying. Children and families who train with Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate of Centerville tell us that we have the best classes for kids and families. Our students and parents tell us they see improvements in attitudes, improved grades, better social skills and increased confidence, improved self discipline, better hand-eye coordination, more flexibility and strength, and an increase in happiness in life. But don’t take our word for it, read some of our testimonials.

We develop the total person: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Socially. Our goal is to show you and your family how to be happier, healthier, safer, wealthier, and wiser… read on to learn more!

Physical Development – improving focus, attitudes, and confidence

Our Black Belt Students are healthy, strong, fit and flexible. They have great motor skill and great coordination. And even better – coaches and teachers tell us that our students actually pay attention and listen to instructions, making good eye contact and have the confidence to ask questions when instructions aren’t clearly understood. Your child will be better at sports after training with us. And parents, we haven’t left you out – as you improve your fitness, you’ll find yourself having the energy you used to have for life, plus more endurance to handle the challenges that life brings to you!

Mental Development – Are you concerned about your child’s grades or attitude at school?

Our unique training and accountability systems help your child to set SMART goals, and break large projects down into manageable steps. Our children learn that being a black belt is about taking responsibility for our outcomes… through dedicated, focused effort all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Parents have attributed our program with improved grades as a result of the increased achievement, motivation, self-direction and self-confidence provided by the program.

Emotional Development – Are you concerned about bullying and/or self-defense for kids?

Our classes are fun, encourage participation and interaction, help develop partnership skills and also teach strategies for dealing with other kids who have negative attitudes (without developing a negative attitude of their own!). Each week, we are learning new self-defense concepts and tools. But the ultimate self-defense is having the tools and confidence to redirect the negative attitudes of others – and it can be learned by children as young as 4 and 5 years old!

Parents, we’ve got you covered on self-defense too… everything we teach is legally and morally defensible! In case you didn’t know, it’s possible for you to properly apply a self-defense technique and find yourself in court facing a civil action…! Yes, you could be held legally responsible for harming someone, even if THEY started it…! We live in a litigious society, so if you are interested in self-defense, it’s more than just physical skills…

Social Development – Positive Character and Role Models

In our weekly classes, we show students how to develop positive character and make better choices in life. They learn and practice self-control, focus, respect, self-discipline, leadership and the tools to be champions at home, school, with family and with friends.

While we have a team atmosphere and everyone works out together, each student earns his or her rank individually. Research has shows that teams accomplish more than individuals and working out with others maintains motivation. Children, however, are even more strongly influenced by peers than adults. At Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate of Centerville, your family is supported and encouraged to work at the highest levels by like-minded students, families, and instructors alike!

All of our Leadership Team – students and instructors – are positive, encouraging people who practice being good finders – helping each other to see, hear, and feel the positive in our lives and the lives of others. Your child and family will benefit by being accepted and encouraged, regardless of your life situation. We have students from many walks of life and with many different physical, mental, and emotional capabilities – but we are all on the same team, dedicated towards Black Belt Excellence and Beyond!

The Best Karate Classes for Kids and Families

We are focused on serving families – kids and adults – together to increase positive attitudes, self confidence, concentration and focus, respect, coordination, flexibility,  bully proofing, improved academic performance, and family togetherness. This means a convenient, easy schedule 6 days a week for karate kids and parents to train together. Our classes start and end as a group, while adults and kids train separately within each class. No hectic adult-only or kid-only classes. Instead, you’ll know your child is working at an appropriate pace while you as an adult are working to your level physically and mentally as well. Our programs have successfully benefited students as young as 3 and as experienced in life as 93!

The Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate of Centerville’s school mission is to show families and kids how to live and love more, playing the game of life at a higher level by

  1. Developing win/win relationships
  2. Improving leadership and communication skills
  3. Improving personal protection skills
  4. Growing a peer group focused on helping ourselves and others to feel Happy, Healthy, Safe, Wealthy, and Wise!