About Meng’s Martial Arts and Mile High Karate of Centerville

Time and again, we are asked the question, “How do I choose a good martial arts school in my area? How do I separate the ones that are good and passionate like you from the ones that are just doing for the money and giving away belts easily?

Here’s our answer:

To find a good martial arts school isn’t too difficult. The short list is this:

1) Visit the school in person for more information.

2) Ask for a trial membership if they don’t offer you one.

3) Ask questions of the staff, other students and parents, see/hear testimonials from current and previous students

4) Have an interview with instructor and ask about his/her mission, vision, values and goals.

5) Do you get a good “vibe” about the place – clean, friendly, open or dirty, mean and evasive?

6) Plan your budget – top line schools are around $200 a month or more with discounts for additional family members. Ask about any additional fees beyond tuition such as testing, tournament, seminar/workshop, or association fees. Some schools advertise a lower initial tuition but then “nickel-and-dime” with numerous additional fees.

The long list is over on Master Jeremy’s personal website (just click here to see it in a new browser window).

For your convenience and education, we’ve put together a short 5-day Martial Art Consumer Awareness Course, which teaches you five critical things to know about the martial arts before you enroll anywhere.

This short course includes 5 insider secrets of the martial arts to

  • handle bullies without becoming one
  • increase self-confidence and self-control that can lead to higher achievement
  • how to recognize personal safety risks and avoid them before they become dangerous
  • five “moves” to handle ANY situation (personally or professionally), and
  • the most important questions you should ask any martial arts instructor before you sign anything!

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