Welcome to our Karate Afterschool Enrichment Program!

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the world of martial arts – on the positive side of things. If you’ve seen movies like Kung Fu Panda or The Karate Kid, then you’ll be excited for your children to be involved with this amazing character development program!

Developed and refined for over 25 years by martial art Masters and Grand Masters, collaborating with Child Psychologists, this program is centered around six lessons teaching Self-Control, Focus, Respect, Self-Discipline, and Self-Confidence. But if you think this program is just fluff and psychobabble, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that your children will be learning real martial arts and self-defense moves… moves that will keep your child safe from a bully or a bad guy. It’s fun for kids… and rewarding for parents… and it’s all for FREE!

At Meng’s Martial Arts we have a strong track record in promoting physical fitness and positive attitudes. Owner and instructor Jeremy Roadruck is a national and international champion, a international best-selling author, holds a Master Degree in the Martial Arts and in NeuroStrategies, plus a Cardio Kickboxing certification in his professional biography. He has worked with Miami Valley Hospital South, the Kettering Health Network, Women in Business Networking, the University of Dayton, the Women’s Council of Realtors – Dayton Chapter, and local schools in the Springboro, Oakwood, Kettering, and Beavercreek communities to provide workshops on leadership, personal protection, sexual violence prevention, anti-bullying, and communication. Jeremy has also been featured on Fox45, WDTN, and Living Dayton. He and his staff enjoy visiting local classrooms to share our love for physical activity, discipline, leadership, and hard work with our community’s children.

Please enjoy a short video featuring Master Sifu Jeremy, the Kung Fu Guy explaining how the program works! To get involved, just fill out the and return the form your child brought home from school or day care.

And, as an added value, Sifu Jeremy is shown working with students at a Gym Teacher for the Day, talking with a 2nd grade class about setting boundaries. Enjoy!

This is the Overview video…

Master Jeremy Roadruck working with 2nd Grade students on boundary setting and win/win!