Learning to Fall Safely

Mom and Dad, before the fall

Mom and Dad, before the fall

It was a total shock… I got the call early in the morning.

“Mom fell, she’s at the hospital”

You don't expect to hear that. Ever. Especially not in your early 30s. And definitely not about your own mother. Maybe your grandmother, who's in her 90s. But not mom, in her early 60s.

Turns out, mom fell while walking with grandma after morning exercises. Mom turned, to make sure grandma was walking safe and whomp! She slipped on the ice, hit her head, and nothing was the same again.

Dad was worried - he thought he'd lost her. She was non-responsive after the fall.

After neurosurgery with dad

After neurosurgery with dad

She ended up in the ICU, her brain swelling. Then the saw the bleeding on her brain. Neurosurgery to stop the bleeding. Because her brain was swelling, they had to cut part of her Occipital Lobe out of the way. That controls your vision, and now she has permanent blind spots.

After surgery, the Neurosurgeon said, "I couldn't find the bleeder. It's in God's hands now."

She was unconscious for 3 weeks.

But then, she started to recover.


From the ICU to the Neurological Step-Down Unit. Then, out of the hospital and into in-patient care at Heartland of Beavercreek.

She fell December 17th, 2007 and wasn't home until a week before Mother's Day 2008.

Then there was the 2 years of follow-up physical therapy.

And the total bill was $500,000.

Learning to Fall Safely Class Information

Learning to fall safely is quick and easy. In just one hour, I’ll take you through a series of simple exercises to improve your confidence around falling, plus give you some easy things to do at home to improve your balance immediately!

I’ve taught this class to students as young as 3 and as experienced as 94. And, NO INJURIES!

Here’s some feedback - from just seeing the story on the local news:

…I was able to get up and walk away.”

I’m writing today to thank you for a story you ran last week that helped me out of a potentially bad situation.

There was a story on Barbara Roadruck, who slipped, fell and has spent the better part of the last two months in the hospital ICU with a head injury. Her son, Jeremy Roadruck is now on a mission to teach people the correct way to fall to protect themselves.

On Friday evening I was taking our dogs out the front door of our home. When I stepped down off of the landing onto the sidewalk, I hit a hidden patch of ice. My feet went forward out from under me and I immediately knew I was in trouble. That split second went into slow motion. It felt like minutes instead. Many things flashed through my mind. I knew that behind me and somewhere near where the base of my head would land was the concrete step I had just left. While my mind was racing through more things than you can imagine, and some thing you can’t, including not wanting to die that way, I was able to focus on the story and I got my arms down and back, head up and forward and fought off a limp landing. I was able to get up and walk away.

Please pass my thanks to all involved.

Tom Kelley,
Director Montgomery County Office of Family and Children First
451 West Third Street, 9th floor
Dayton, Ohio 45422-3100

You can come to me, I can come to you, and you can even learn online in the comfort of your own home.

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