Introducing Meng’s Martial Arts Unlimited Leadership Summer

Grow BIG or Go Home

  • Are you ready for the best summer activity ever, for kids ages 6+?

  • Ready to increase your child’s leadership skills & give them an advantage for the next school year?

  • Want to introduce the idea of personal development to your kids but don’t know where to start?

Introducing Meng’s Martial Arts Unlimited Leadership Summer Course

We all know the impact personal growth can have on adults…
the impact it has on KIDS... it’s even CRAZIER!!

This summer were doing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… We changed the curriculum!!! Took the most fundamental habits, concepts, principals, and exercises from some of the greatest personal growth Guru’s in the of all time...

People & Books like:
- Think And Grow Rich
- The Power of Habits
- The Secret
- The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
- The Power Of Positive Thinking
- Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins
- Girl, Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis

And turned it into the perfect 12-week summer program. Each week we’re introducing a new theme. Children will be learning about goal setting, money management, the power positive thinking, respect, confidence, work ethic, discipline, confidence and more!

We Will Focus On…

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Team Work.png
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Team Work(1).png

You are just ONE STEP away from giving your kid an advantage that’s never been available until now - fun, entertaining, powerful personal growth for the summer and beyond!

With Your Enrollment, You Get ALL Of This:

12 Week of Unlimited Classes Summer Uniform (T-shirt + Martial Arts Pants) Sudents Folder + Online Leadership Curriculum Access to Exclusive Leadership Event Weekly Leadership Homework +Weekly Fitness Challenges Lead.png


Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...? 

Here is the break down of what you get…

12 Weeks of Unlimited Classes

Starting June 3rd, you’ll have access to ALL of our classes Monday through Thursday, Bonus Training on Friday, AND extra-bonus Saturday morning workouts. Minimum attendance is 2x a week to progress in the program. Classes are exciting, dynamic, challenging, and adapt based on the fitness level of each student. We also have a cap on attendance to keep the personal time and attention strong so we can deliver powerful results

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Summer Uniform

All participants will receive a custom-designed Unlimited Leadership Summer Program uniform, perfect for working out and even just wearing around town as casual wear.

Uniform includes shirt and pants. All progress belts and testing included in program tuition.

Student Folder + Online Curriculum

Online Classes.png
Copy of Copy of 12 Week of Unlimited Classes Summer Uniform (T-shirt + Martial Arts Pants) Sudents Folder + Online Leadership Curriculum Access to Exclusive Leadership Event Weekly Leadership Homework +Weekly Fitness.png

Our entire curriculum is online and available for students. All the kicks, strikes, punches, warm ups, technical drills, self-defense and leadership discussions are available in one place so your child can practice outside of class and earn bonus stripes, which are required for promotion.

Invite to Exclusive Leadership Events

This summer is going to be full of exciting classes AND extra-curricular social time to work on our social skills and being role models in public. Planned activities include: swimming, bowling, laser tag, picnic, hiking, and more!

Weekly Homework + Fitness Challenges


We develop our students physically, mentally, and emotionally - and it all starts with a strong physical foundation. It’s often very difficult for kids to showcase mental or emotional control when their physical control is weak. So we start with the body.

Recommended Leadership Reading List

We don’t have time to make every mistake ourselves, and reading the wisdom of others literally saves us time and energy. We have recommended and required reading to help with self-talk, attitude, accountability, and more!

Meng’s Martial Arts is Different…

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Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 3.23.35 PM.png
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Pre-scheduled Activities

These activities can be cancelled due to weather. We e-mail & update our FB page 3 hours prior to any cancellation of activities. Activities can typically be re-scheduled.

  • June 3 - Summer Classes Start

  • June 14 - Heart of Centerville Food Truck Rally

  • June 15 - Pool Party Pizza Party

  • June 22 - Join us at the Great American Camp Out**

  • June 29 - Park / Splash Pad Pot Luck

July Events TBA

August Events TBA

**Additional Cost Required / Additional Registration

Our Students Off the Training Floor

Our students are leaders in our community. They participate in other sports & extra-circulars. They have earn THOUSANDS in college scholarships. They are National Honor students. Section Leaders in marching band. But best of all - They are OUR students.